Woven Lanyards

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Woven Lanyards can be made of polyester, nylon, and cotton, in regular and satin finishes. Woven Lanyards offer a sense of permanence to the design that is incorporated into the weave. They are limited to four colors or less and present limitations to artwork definition due to the weaving process. Woven designs are simple, memorable, and straight forward and are best used when the advertising message on them is short and to the point and does not require multiple colors. Because the design is being woven into the fabric, and not dyed, or printed on top of the fabric, woven lanyards are best suited for simple text and logos. Logos and text that have small details, varieties of colors, and multiple design elements may be better served by dye sublimation or printed lanyards. If the permanence of a woven design accomplishes your advertising goals, we will work with you to establish the lasting image to fit your goals!