Metal Engraved Nametags

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Engraved Nametags provide a simple yet sophisticated look. They are available in a variety of two tone options. The surface color of an engraved nametag provides the background color or the color that fills the space around the engraving. The underlying color is shown when the top layer is scoured out by a laser or engraving bit. Engraved nametags look the best with simple lines and logos. They are often the choice of the hospitality and banking industries because the engraving provides a professional and permanent look that has texture and depth. While the two tone, simple style limits the way artwork and text may be incorporated into the design, it also keeps the name badge simple and straightforward, often making the logo and name memorable and easy to recognize in future interactions. We will work with you to find the best color choice and look for your engraved namebadge!