When you create a video animation there is quite a bit of work that goes into it. We will not only write your script for you, but we will provide the music that will set the tone for your video. We will then provide professional voiceover that will sync with the music. After that, we will design the animation that will perfectly sync up with the professional voiceover. The animation will match the story that is being told. There are many moving pieces when creating a video. With our expertise, we will sync all of these pieces together to form a professional well crafted animation video.

Professionally Written Script

Your script is the foundation for your marketing video. You need a team of professionals creating the right foundation for your story. NVR Branding will has that team in place and we will professionally write your story based on the vision you have for your video.

Background Music

Background music may seem insignificant at first, but the right music will set the tone for your video. You need great background music in order to move your story in the direction you want it to move in.

Professional Voiceover

The voiceover for your story is integral for conveying your story in the right tone. Having a professional narrator is vital for effectively communicating your message to your audience.

Customized Animation

Your video will succeed or fail based on the animation. If you want people to follow your message you are going to need to look professional. Don’t think that you can do it yourself unless you have been professionally trained in video animation. We will customize your animation based on the story being told.